Song of Solomon 8:13

  Thou that dwellest in the gardens,



…. These are the words of Christ to the church, describing her by her habitation, and may be rendered, “O thou, inhabitress of the gardens”; the word used being in the feminine gender, which determines the sense of it, as belonging to the church: but the Septuagint version renders it by a word in the masculine gender; and so Ambrose, who interprets the words as spoken by the church to Christ;  By the “gardens” are meant particular congregations, the dwelling places of the church, and where she has work to do by her ministers, to plant, water, prune, and dress the gardens; and of particular believers, whose business it is to attend on the ministry of the word, and other ordinances; and dwelling here may denote diligence and constant attendance here, and which is approved of by Christ, and well pleasing to him: and it is honourable, as well as profitable and delightful, to have a place in these gardens, and especially an abiding one; and indeed those, to whom Christ gives a place and a name here, are in no danger of being turned or driven out, as Adam was from Eden;

the companions hearken to thy voice;


masculine hence probably the angels,  the friends of Christ and his people, who hearken to the conversation of believers, in private and public; and especially to the Gospel, preached in the assembly of the saints, Psalm 103:20 , Ephesians 3:10; or rather the daughters of Jerusalem, who all along attend the bride in this Song, and are the virgins her companions, Psalm 45:14; and it is a title that belongs to all truly gracious souls, Psalm 122:8; who hearken to the voice of the church, to the Gospel, preached by her ministers; which is a joyful sound, and gives great delight and pleasure;

cause me to hear [it];



      Let the church in its assemblies under Christ the head, the voice of authority be ever heard in his presence and let the voice of preaching be accompanied by the voice of prayer (Acts 6:4 ). “Resolve with the apostles to give thyself to prayer first, and the next to ministering the word; and then shall thy words be with profit, for he shall suffer none of them to fall to the ground.” (Moody Stuart)


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