Song of Solomon 8:12

      My vineyard, which [is] mine, [is] before me,….



these appear to be the words of the bride, the church, expressing her care, watchfulness, and diligence in the vineyard (for which she is responsible), and her concern for the welfare of the several vines and plants in it; compare and contrast this with Song of Solomon 1:6; And certain it is that the next clause is spoken by her:


thou, O Solomon, [must have] a thousand;


a thousand pieces or shekels of silver, as before: the church is willing Christ should have all he desires and demands, his whole due and full revenue of glory from his people (just like the crowns cast down before him); for he is meant, and not Solomon literally, as many Jewish writers acknowledge. And the church being now in his presence, and using familiarity with him, thus addresses him,


and those that keep the fruit thereof two hundred;


by which may be meant an honourable maintenance for ministers and families, and much esteem and respect among the people to whom they minister; this is the double honour (twice the tithe) in 1 Timothy 5:17. Christ has the greatest share, as in reason he should, being the proprietor of the vineyard, and having the chief care and oversight of it, and gives it its increase: however, faithful ministers have their reward, which lies greatly in the conversion of sinners, and edification of saints; for that is their joy, and crown of rejoicing; and in eternal happiness they shall enjoy hereafter, 1 Thessalonians 2:19,I Cor.3:14,Heb. 6:10.

Moody Stuart rightly points out that the Song of Solomon was much in the mind of Isaiah who in the latter half of his prophecy refers or alludes to passages in it on almost every page! For example references to Sharon, flock, jewels, fruit, arise, dove, watchmen, tower, waters, honey, gold, cheeks, countenance, beautiful feet, breasts, vineyard (check out Is.26:9, 20, 33:17, 52:7, 61:10, 62:5, 66:11 and many more references).


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