Song of Solomon 8:10

    I [am] a wall,


…. The words of the little sister, or Gentile church, well walled (Eph.2:19); God was a wall of fire about her; salvation was appointed as walls and bulwarks to her; she was one of the two walls Christ was a cornerstone unto, and cemented together; and was a wall built up of lively stones, of true believers, built on Christ, the foundation; and established in the doctrine of grace; and constant and immovable in her love to Christ namely the Hebrew Church and the Gentile Church, two walls united by the Chief Cornerstone (MS).

and my breasts like towers;

…round, plump, and high; signifying that she was now marriageable; (Ezekiel 16:6-8 !) and the time of her being presented as a chaste virgin to Christ, and of her open espousals to him, was now come: of ministers of the word, of the Scriptures, and of the ordinances of the Gospel, as signified by breasts: ministers of the word, because set for the defence of the Gospel; the Scriptures, because an armoury from whence saints are supplied with armour, to repel Satan’s temptations, refute errors, and defend truth; and the ordinances of the Gospel, because they stand firm and immovable against all the efforts of men to subvert and abolish them; (she now nourishes many sons and daughters the milk of the word is dispensed-JK). “Already Israel’s elder sister Samaria had been received and now her younger sister Sodom is given to Jerusalem for a daughter and a sister. Samaria being converted and Sodom called the whole promise is fulfilled,”  Then thou shalt remember thy ways, and be ashamed, when thou shalt receive thy sisters, thine elder and thy younger: and I will give them unto thee for daughters,” (Ezekiel 16:61).

then was I in his eyes as one that found favour;

From the time that the Gentile church became a wall, firmly built on Christ, and was formed into a church state, and had a settled ministry and Gospel ordinances, she became acceptable to Christ, and was admitted to near communion with him; and not only her person, but her services, met with a favourable acceptance from him; and these privileges and blessings were the fruit of his love, layout, and good will, he bore to her; which before was secret and hidden, but now her breasts being fashioned, her time was a time of love, of the open love of Christ to her, and of her espousals to him: and when, as the words may be rendered, she was “as one that found peace”; peace being made by the blood of Christ, and the partition wall broken down between Jew and Gentile, and they peaceably joined together in a Gospel church state; and when she enjoyed inward peace and tranquillity of mind, which is found in Christ, the word and ordinances; even all kind of prosperity, which peace, with the Hebrews, includes; every spiritual blessing, as reconciliation, justification, pardon, adoption, and eternal life, which are all the fruits and effects of divine favour, good will, grace, and love. “He builds us up, and then takes delight in the building. Psalm 35:27, Gen.39:3—He makes us prosper and takes pleasure in our prosperity. If we have found favour in his eyes, what more do we need? Oh for a blessed consciousness of having thus found favour! (Ps.106:4-5)” (Anon).


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