Song of Solomon 8:9

   If she [be] a wall,

Our anonymous commentator sees the wall as a work in progress and the door implying a readiness for that work (I Cor.16:9 and Phil.1:6). Thus the bride desired to build wisely. If a door presented itself she would enter in (II Cor.2:12, I Thess. 1:9).

…. Built upon a sure foundation; and firmly established in her faith on Christ, and love to him; and is constant therein, and stands as a wall against the attacks of enemies; and ready to be built upon (Jude 20, Col.2:7). This building up is a most important work (I Peter 2:5, Eph.2:19-22) (Anon).



we will build upon her a palace of silver;


Though at first but as a side wall, yet should become a complete habitation, even a palace for Christ, the King of kings, and, being designed for so illustrious an inhabitant, should be a “silver” one, denoting its worth, value, (purity) and splendour; the builders of it are the church and her ministers; though Christ is the principal builder, (I Cor.3, Zechariah 6:12). Or, “a tower of silver”, signifying, that she should be well fortified, and be put into a posture of defence against her enemies: the Gentile church at first had but a very small appearance of a building, a foundation just laid, a side wall erected; but, in a short time, a noble structure, a stately tower, a silver palace, was built for God (as Jew and Gentile minister afforded every aid to her growth).


and if she [be] a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar;


If the door of the Gospel was opened among the Gentiles, it should be succeeded to the building a holy temple to the Lord; which should be not only ornamented, but so well fenced, that it should not be in the power of their enemies to deface and demolish it: or if the door of their hearts was opened, to receive Christ, and his glorious train of grace,  and the door of it was set open to receive good men, and exclude bad men, this would be to their honour comfort and safety: or this phrase is expressive of the finishing of the building, the gate or door being set up; though it rather seems to intend the low and mean estate of the Gentile church at first, when there was but little appearance of a building, only a door set up; which afterwards grew up into a stately and magnificent palace, like that of Solomon’s, built of cedar boards of the wood of Lebanon; which may denote her fragrances, perpetuity, and incorruptibleness.

In a word, this Gentile church is to be owned, beautified, and ordered in all aspects for a glorious habitation of God through the Spirit-MS.


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