The Holy War (4)

Sung Psalm 66:1-7

Reading Exodus 15:1-21

War at the Red Sea


God alone fought for Israel (C.f. II Kings 19:35) this is clear from 14:25,27and 15:1,3,6.

It is noticeable that this event is missing from secular Egyptian history.

In later wars God used the Israelite army as his means of victory.

God’s glory is the ultimate purpose and many of his attributes are extolled, can you enumerate them?

The hardening of Pharaoh’s heart was a giving him a resolute strong will to do wickedly and a judicial blindness to the obvious actions of God e.g. in the plagues.

God’s mercy toward his people meant the destruction of the Egyptians c.f. Psalm 136:13-15

15:14-21 are prophetic and programmatic words describing the fear that would characterize the surrounding peoples (see Joshua 2:9-11, 5:1, 9:9-10), their conquest of Canaan (note v13 past tense!) and the temple being built in Jerusalem (v17).

The purpose of all this is the salvation and redemption of God’s people, the price being paid was the life of all the Egyptians (see Is.43:4) typifying the death of Christ in judgment as payment for the sins of all the elect.




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