Song of Solomon 8:7

 Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it,

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If love is a flame of the fire of the Lord, it is a fire no waters can quench. If the love of Jesus carried him through such deep, deep waters for our sakes, how should the remembrance of that love carry us through all the smaller streams which lie in our way, for the love we have to him!(Anon)….. This is the love of the church to Christ, which is inextinguishable and insuperable, not by the many waters and floods of wicked and ungodly men; neither by their flattery and fair promises; nor by their cruel edicts, force and persecution; nor by all the afflictions God is pleased to bring upon them; rather their love is increased thereby, which they consider as effects of the love, wisdom, and faithfulness of God, as designed for their good: nor even by their sins and corruptions; for though, through the aboundings of these, their love may wax cold, yet it never becomes extinct; it may be left, but not lost; its fervency may be abated, but that itself remains: nor by Satan’s temptations, who sometimes comes in like a flood, threatening to carry all before him; but the Spirit lifts up a standard against him, and maintains his own work of faith and love, Isaiah 59:19; nor by the terrors of the law, and the apprehensions of divine wrath, they are sometimes pressed with, signified by waves and floods, Psalm 88:6; nor by all the hardships and difficulties, scoffs and reproaches, which attend believers in their Christian race; which are so far from alienating their affections from Christ, that they rather endear him the more unto them, and make heaven, and the enjoyment of him there, the more desirable; Moody Stuart says it is the fire of heaven and the flood of hell. Hell represented by sins, temptations, persecutions, the world, men and devils..beware also the tide of prosperity that may seek to cool the live embers! It reminds me of the red hot magma released below ocean depths which eventually reaches the surface and cools into a new rocky island…waters cannot quench love! Romans 8:35-39 describes the love of Christ meaning both his love to us and our love to him! (MS).



if [a] man would give, all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned;

If all these riches which in some respects pertain to the Prince of this world and with them he essays to buy this love of the heart which pertains to God alone, he will succeed with (the reprobate) but he utterly fails with the heart in which the love of God dwells. See Philippians 3:8. He made this attempt with Jesus himself. Christ has purchased the soul, and with it the soul’s love. He has purchased the whole person of the bride, and has purchased her whole heart …with his precious blood! (John 15:13). In return Christ condemns everything else but love in return. Whatever we might give by faith or labour or gold or silver to the cause of Christ or to the poor instead of love is utterly condemned……….”if I even give my body to be burned and have not love, it profiteth me nothing”(I Cor.13:3—MS).

Now all this is used by the church as an argument to gain her request, “set me as a seal,” &c. Song of Solomon 8:6; since my soul is all in flames of love to thee, which cannot be quenched by all I suffer on thy account; nor will be parted with for all that the world can give me. This love of the church reaches to Christ, and to all that belong to him, even to a little sister, as in Song of Solomon 8:8.



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