Marks of a True Christian


Notes from Belgic Confession Class (Article 29), CPRC, Ballymena.

  • Faith-a Christian believes the truth (God’s word) and does not compromise with evolution, homosexual marriage, women in office etc.
  • Avoids sin-aims at holiness and lives an antithetical life (contrary to world, flesh and devil).
  • Love-for God and neighbour.
  • Mortifies the flesh-hating sin, repenting of it, fighting it.
  • He/she makes a credible confession-by life, doctrine and church membership.

What is the relationship between a true church and a true Christian? They are reciprocal!

As a church is true and strong so will grow its members and vice versa.

Every church affects the life of its members for good or ill.

Nothing will affect your life more than the church you worship in and join.

The marks represent the presence of Christ who is there to change lives by sanctifying his people by the means of grace especially preaching.


Apostasy in the Churches: see:

Listen to full class here:


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