The Holy War (3)

Sung Psalm 18:28-35 (another war Psalm of David)

Read Exodus 14


This was the first holy war and as with every “first mention” in Scripture there are important lessons that point towards future events.

The mighty Egyptian army, well-equipped and baying for blood, pursues ill-equipped, doubting, depressed Israel as far as the Red Sea.

Many miraculous things happen:

  • God hardens the heart of Pharaoh and the Egyptians to make them pursue. Having already been the subject of God’s miraculous judgements common sense would have dissuaded them! This was paradigmatic of future hardenings in Deut.2:30 and Josh.11:20.
  • God by a look, first hinders their progress, and then engulfs them.
  • The presence of the angel (Christ) in the pillar of fire and cloud distinguishes between pursuers and pursued.
  • God uses the instrument of an East wind and Moses’ rod to open up and then close the sea.

This is THE Old Testament picture of redemption in Jesus Christ in which the people of God are redeemed while simultaneously his enemies are destroyed.


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