Song of Solomon 8:2 (cont.)


Moody Stuart has something further to say about this spiced wine which is worth reading: “The King gave to the Bride the solemn cup of betrothing, before he departed to the hill of frankincense (Calvary); and the Bride calling on him to return, promises that she will have prepared for him the cup of her covenant vows. The cup already filled was the King’s, and he gave it her in covenant pledge that he would return for the marriage. But it was rather his pledge to her than hers to him, for the Bride was not yet ready (Rev.19:7). Till he come again she shows forth His pledge (The Lord’s Supper), and in so doing pledges herself; still it is his cup of covenant rather than hers, his love, his death, his blood, his seal till he come.


But when he comes to dwell in her mother’s house for ever, when he comes to be seen face to face in the flesh, as her Brother as well as her God; then she is also ready with her full and everlasting response, then she presents to him her full covenant pledge, and gives to him her wine-cup filled with the juice of the pomegranate, her solemn pledge of everlasting marriage to the Lamb.” (The spices are only mentioned in the King’s presence  as he returns from the mountains of spices with them, and then she presents the spiced wine to him in person). This will be fullness of joy for Bride and Bridegroom! (Heb.12:2Jude 24).


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