Are you a member of a true church?

Churches are distinguishable. Some are true, some are false, some are departing from the truth. Every Christian should be a member of a true church.

What are the marks?

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They are:

  1. Faithful Biblical Preaching.
  2. Sacraments properly administered.
  3. Biblical church discipline.

Preaching , the chief means of grace must be faithful exposition of Scripture and according to the creeds.

The sacraments are signs and seals of the message and consist the Lord’s Supper for believing members and the baptism of believers and their children, both overseen by the elders.

Discipline, again the function of the elders, consists the exercise of oversight of the congregation, admonishing of sin and for the impenitent, excommunication.

Churches and denominations must be tested.

The following ought to be disciplined:


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