Song of Solomon 7:5

Thine head upon thee is like Carmel, and the hair of thine head like purple; the king is held in the galleries


Thine head upon thee [is] like Carmel,…. Mount Carmel where famously Elijah confronted and destroyed the prophets of Baal is a range overlooking Haifa—JK.

Set with hair, thick and long, as Carmel with plants and trees (Isaiah 35:2). Now Christ is the church’s Head in various senses; he is her federal and representative Head in eternity and time; her political Head, as a King to his subjects; an economical Head, as the husband to the wife, as parents to their children, and a master to servants; and, as such, may be compared to Carmel;  for his height, being higher than the kings of the earth, and all other heads; and for fruitfulness, all the fruits of the church, and of all true believers, coming from him. Some render the word, “as crimson,” or “scarlet” ; which may set forth his royal dignity and majesty, this colour being wore by kings and great personages; or the ardent love of Christ to his body, the church, and the members of it; or his bloody sufferings for them; and the hair of thine head like purple; purple coloured hair has been in great esteem, and said to be like “purple,” because of royal dignity (remember what Christ was given to wear when mocked—JK).

untitled Church gallery

  The king [is] held in the galleries; “galleries” in which he is held may be meant the ordinances of the Gospel; where Christ and his people walk and converse together; where he discloses the secrets of his heart to them, leads them into a further acquaintance with his covenant, and the blessings and promises of it; and from whence they have delightful views of his person and fulness; see the King in his beauty, and behold the good land which is afar off: the same word as here is rendered “rafters,”  in Song of Solomon 1:17;  Now Christ being said to be “held in [these] galleries” may signify his fixed habitation in his house and ordinances; where he has promised to dwell, and delights to be; and where he is as it were fastened to them. Moody Stuart similarly states,” Held in the galleries”—in the galleries of the preached gospel, in the galleries of a united church, in galleries where the new wine sparkles, where the bread and the finest wheat are freely broken, in galleries of holy watchfulness, in galleries of holy boldness, in galleries where hang crowns of free righteousness and solemn dedication to Christ even unto death—in such galleries the King is held, willingly held, always held (adapted).


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