Song of Solomon 7 (resumé)

Our anonymous commentator sums up the teaching of this chapter like this, a list of the blessings of Christ’s church:

The feet—beautiful with shoes. We are clothed with the best robe and given a ring just like the prodigal—PRIVILEGE.

2. The joints of thy thighs like jewels—we are fitly framed and joined together ready for when he makes up his jewels (Mal.3:16-17)—UNITY.

3. A heap of wheat and a round goblet that wanteth not liquor—abundance of provision of bread and wine, Christ’s body which is meat and drink indeed—PROVISION.

4. Breasts as twins—knit together and joint inheritors—UNITY AND PROVISION.

5. Neck like ivory tower—our high calling and minds set on things above—ROYALTY.

6. Eyes as fish pools—reflecting God’s image, we will be like him, sincere and transparent—SANCTIFICATION.

7. Nose as tower of Lebanon—on our watch against the approach of all enemies—ANTITHETICAL.

8. Head like Carmel, hair like purple—being fruitful and belonging to royalty—FRUITFUL.



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