Song of Solomon 6:8

There are threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, and virgins without number. My dove, my undefiled is but one: she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her that bare her.


In this verse and Song of Solomon 6:9 the church is commended as she stood related to others; and is compared with them, and preferred to them.  Moody Stuart sees this verse referring to the glittering crowd of witnesses assembled at the marriage  like Psalm 45. The words may be considered as an assertion, Christ’s church is but one, and excels them all. “Queens” are principal and lawful wives of kings; “concubines,” secondary or half wives, as the word signifies; who were admitted to the bed, but their children did not inherit: “virgins,” unmarried persons, maids of honour, who waited on the queen. The allusion is to the custom of kings and great personages, who had many wives, and more concubines (God’s concession to hard-hearted), and a large number of virgins to wait on them; see 1 Kings 11:3; or to a nuptial solemnity, and the ceremony of introducing the bride to the bridegroom, attended with a large number of persons of distinction; and so; see Psalm 45:9. By all which may be meant either the kingdoms and nations of the world; by “queens,” the more large, rich and flourishing kingdoms; by “concubines,” inferior states; and by “virgins without number,” the vast multitudes of inhabitants that fill them; but all, put together, are not equal to the church; see Song of Solomon 2:2; or else false churches; by “queens,” such who boast of their riches and number, as the church of Rome, Revelation 18:7; by “concubines,” such as are inferior in those things, but equally corrupt, as Arians, Socinians, &c. and by “virgins without number,” the multitudes of poor, weak, ignorant people, seduced by them; and what figure soever these make, or pretensions to be the true churches of Christ, they are none of his, his spouse is preferred to them all. See 1 John 2:13;  In any case the Bridegroom is here describing his one and only chosen bride, the single object of his affection, the one body and bread. Christ restores the marriage covenant to it’s original oneness and simplicity (Moody Stuart). He is worthy of and commands our undivided love and devotion.



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