Song of Solomon 5:15


His legs [are as] pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine


“Legs” comes from the root to walk so that the ways of the Lord are to be understood here. All his ways are judgment (Deut.32:4). All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth (Ps.25:10).  My ways (are) higher than thy ways (Is.50:8-9). It is the source of unspeakable comfort to be upheld by such almightiness. He is mighty to bear up every believer that is hung upon him (Is.22:23-24). And the foundation, like the head is of fine gold (Anon).
John Gill states that in the covenant before time, in favour of his people; which, like marble pillars, is pure, firm, and constant, and like such, in golden sockets, glorious and excellent: (Christ’s) walk and conversation, when incarnate and in his state of humiliation was always upright, even, and constant; and upon which were a beauty, glory, and lustre, answerable to the metaphors here used: (and) his walks in the churches, his golden candlesticks; among whom he delights to be, and to whom his presence is desirable, beautiful, and glorious: (and) his providential dispensations towards his people; which are straight, upright, and equal, holy and righteous, firm and sure; the basis of which are his eternal purposes and decrees (are all attributable to his majestic walking). Strength and steadfastness are indicated by the legs like marble pillars (Moody Stuart), see Luke 9:51. In type of the unfailing strength that is in the Lord Jesus (MS). On him was laid all the sins of the elect, he carries back all his lost sheep to the fold, he sustains the weight of providing for all his church. On Jesus are cast all our burdens, cares and fears! Thousands have laid their heavy loads upon him and thousands more will, yet he can endure the weight for “his legs are pillars of marble” (MS). He stands against all Satan’s temptations. Likewise, he calls us to stand (Eph. 6: 13-14 and to be immovable (I Cor.15:58) and to lift up the feeble knees (Heb.12:12). We do this by being strong IN THE LORD (Eph.6:10)-JK. Sockets of fine gold hell itself was compelled to confess them, when she drove the nails of iron through them, and those feet as fine gold cast into the fire were not consumed, but walked calmly forth from the tomb, with the print of the nails as an everlasting memorial, a seal that the gold of heaven, yea the tried gold of earth had triumphed (Moody Stuart).

his countenance [is] as Lebanon:

Countenance means the whole stature of the person c.f. II Sam. 23:21 “a man of countenance” and I Chron.11:23, ” a man of stature”. Thus it should read “His stature is as Lebanon” (Anon)

excellent as the cedars;
which grew on Lebanon; being the choicest, and preferable to all others: to which Christ may be compared, for tallness, stateliness, fragrancy, and durableness; especially the former, which is always thought to add gracefulness and majesty to men;(Gill)



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