Song of Solomon 5:14


His hands [are as] gold rings, set with the beryl

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Beryl is with great propriety mentioned, because it was usual to wear it on the fingers. This was one of the precious stones (it was green) in the breastplate of the high priest, a type of Christ, ( Exodus 28:20 ) ; one of the pearl foundations of the New Jerusalem, ( Revelation 21:20 ) ; the appearance of the wheels in Ezekiel’s vision was like it, ( Ezekiel 1:16 ) ; the body of the glorious person, seen by Daniel, is said to be as that, ( Daniel 10:6 ) ; so that it is no wonder the hands of Christ should be adorned with gold rings set with it. The word “tarshish”, here rendered by “beryl”, is sometimes used for the “sea”; and naturalists tell us, that the best beryl is that which most resembles the colour of the sea, “the sea coloured beryl”. The gold ring is emblematic of sonship, freedom and dignity (the returned prodigal); also of authority and power (Gen.41:42), Christ being invested with all authority in heaven and earth, and Christ gives his own signet to his bride. He gives his Name to employ on all occasions for all holy ends, in every adversity, in every difficulty, every enterprise-Moody Stuart. Now Christ’s hands, which are the instruments of action, are adorned with “gold rings”, set with one or other of these stones; because of the variety of his works in nature, providence, and grace; and because of the preciousness and value of them; and because of their perfection and completeness; the circular form being reckoned the most perfect: and never do the hands of Christ appear as thus described, and look more beautiful and lovely, than when he is beheld as grasping, holding, and retaining his people in his hands, out of which they never be plucked; and who are as so many gold rings, jewels, pearls, and precious stones, in his esteem; and as holding the bright stars, the ministers of the word, in there, who sparkle in their gifts and graces, like so many gems there. (Christ) died bearing me as a signet on his hand, I was buried with him, and he rose holding me in his right hand; “In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith the Lord, and will make thee as a signet: for I have chosen thee, saith the Lord of hosts.(Hag. 2:23)-Moody Stuart. In other words this beryl set in gold represents the perfection of the works of his hands (Deut.32:4, Ps.104:24, 111:7-8). How precious the security of the church, graven on the palms of his hands (Is.49:16, John 10:29-Anon)

his belly [is as] bright ivory, overlaid [with] sapphires:
which most of the ancient interpreters understand of the human nature of Christ, described by one part of it, because of its frailty and weakness in itself; and is compared to bright ivory, partly because of its firmness and constancy in suffering, and partly because of its purity, holiness, and innocence; The ivory represents the purest of earth’s productions (Moody Stuart) and is said to be “overlaid with sapphires”, because of his exaltation and glory at the right hand of God. The words may be rendered, “his bowels are as bright ivory”; as in ( Song of Solomon 5:4 ) ; and may express the love, grace, mercy, pity, compassion of Christ to the sons of men; compared to “ivory”, for the excellency of it, Christ’s love being better than life itself; and for the purity and sincerity of it, there being no hypocrisy in it; and for the firmness, constancy, and duration of it, it being from everlasting to everlasting, without any change or variation; and to an overlay or enamel of “sapphires”, for the riches, worth and value of it. Sapphires are a sky blue colour perhaps representing heaven and the height and depth of his love (Anon). The girdle of sapphires suggests the infinite riches of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the treasures of heaven, which like Jonathan to David, Christ gives to his bride, the girdle of riches, of glory, of kingdom (II Cor.8:9)- (Moody Stuart). Some interpreters exclude the literal meaning of belly for decency but this is a book on intimacy and intimate love!-JK

0d28bd2d39e7b08f77406041ce50bc66 An ivory flower bejewelled with sapphires.



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