Song of Solomon 5:13

His cheeks [are] as a bed of spices, [as] sweet flowers

     Literally his face or countenance—all fragrance, sweetness and beauty. The face that was abused (Is.50:6).

Which may intend the presence of Christ with his people in his word and ordinances; often called his “face”, which he shows, and they seek after, than which nothing is more desirable; we delight in walking in the light of his countenance (Ps.4:6, 89:15). We behold the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Or, as the Vulgate Latin version, “as beds of spices set by confectioners”; the spices themselves, set in rows by the confectioner in vessels, placed in his shop in rows to be sold; which being of various colours, especially white and red, the cheeks, for colour and eminence, are compared unto them;

Christ, who was a grown man when he suffered, gave his cheeks to the smiters,  who plucked off the hair of his beard.


his lips [like] lilies dropping sweet smelling myrrh;

By which are meant the words of Christ, which drop from his lips; which are like lilies, for their purity, thinness, and beautiful colour: the words of Christ are pure words, free from all pollution, deceit, and human mixtures; nor are his lips big with his own praises, but with expressions of regard for his Father’s glory; and are very pleasant, gracious, and graceful. “Never man spake like this man”(John 7:46) and “he will speak peace unto his people” (Ps.85:8). “The words that I speak unto you they are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63). Those words healed, brought to life, comforted, brought faith and in all ages speak pardon and are the power of regenerating grace-JK. Jesus now at the right hand of God speaks ever for us there and speaks ever to us thence (Moody Stuart).

Red lips are accounted the most beautiful; see ( Song of Solomon 4:3 ) ; wherefore rather red or purple lilies are respected; such as grew in Syria1, a neighbouring country; and also in Egypt.  “Dropping sweet smelling myrrh”, signifying, that the lips or words of Christ were very odorous and acceptable; as are the doctrines of peace, pardon, righteousness, life, and salvation, to sensible souls, delivered in the ministry of the word: the manner of which delivery of them is expressed by “dropping”; gradually, by little and little, as Christ’s church and people can bear them; seasonably, and at proper times, as their wants require constantly, as while Christ was here or, earth, so now he is in heaven, by his ministers, in all ages, to the end of the world; and yet sweetly and gently refreshing, and making fruitful; see ( Deuteronomy 32:2 ) . Moreover, the kisses of Christ’s lips, or the manifestations of his love, may be taken into the sense of this clause; which together with the grateful matter and graceful manner of his words, render him very acceptable to his church; see ( Song of Solomon 1:2 ) ;

Mostly John Gill.


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