Song of Solomon 5:11


His head [is as] the most fine gold
Here the church enters into a particular description and commendation of her beloved, which continues to the end of the chapter; and she begins with his “head”, which she compares to the most fine gold. This head is the Godhead (Moody Stuart).  The gold here is called “gold of Phaz”, or “Uphaz”, as in ( Daniel 10:5 ). Schultens says gold is called “phaz”, from its leaping as it were out of the clods of the earth, and shining forth and glistering after a shower of rain falling on the earth, where there is a mine of it, by which means it is discovered; and of such gold, as the finest and purest, it is “the gold of gold”, there is none like it, unalloyed, with excellent glory, the most fine gold, there being no glory like his. It is the divine nature in Christ, which is the head, the chief and principal nature in him; which puts a glory on him, and an efficacy in all he did and suffered; and which is like pure, fine, shining gold, in which all the perfections of deity shine resplendently. The headship of Christ over his church is also meant; as Nebuchadnezzar’s monarchy is represented by a head of gold, ( Daniel 2:32 Daniel 2:37 Daniel 2:38 ) ; so Christ’s, because his kingdom is great and glorious, pure and spiritual, solid and substantial, lasting and durable, yea, everlasting; To you that believe he is PRECIOUS.

his locks [are] bushy, [and] black as a raven;

Which figures are used to set forth the beauty and comeliness of Christ in his humanity,  curled hair being the hardest and strongest. The head uncovered denotes dominion (Moody Stuart see also I Cor. 11:7). He is the head of the church, the head of every man, the express image of God. Jesus standing on the earth is the lowly servant of the Father, but over all creation; with his head wearing no token of subjection to any creature. Never on earth has there been a character so manly as that of Jesus Christ (MS). But it seems best to understand (the black hair) as the administrations of Christ’s kingly office; which are executed with the utmost prudence, vigour, and strength; born of his acuteness and sharpness of wit, as well as of vigour, strength, and courage; and which, how dark and obscure they may seem to be, and to carry in them severity to enemies; yet being managed with wisdom, as before observed, and also according to the rules of justice and equity, look very beautiful when made manifest, and are admired by the saints, ( Revelation 15:3 Revelation 15:4 ) .



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