Song of Solomon 5:9


What is thy beloved more than [another] beloved, O thou
fairest among women?

The Beloved ('The Bride') 1865-6 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882 Purchased with assistance from Sir Arthur Du Cros Bt and Sir Otto Beit KCMG through the Art Fund 1916

The Beloved (‘The Bride’) 1865-6 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882 

The same title Christ gives her, ( Song of Solomon 1:8 ) ; and from whom these daughters seem to have taken it; and, in giving it to her, might be assured they were right, since he, who knew her perfectly well, so calls her; in what sense she was so fair, (See Gill on Song of Solomon 1:8): and this they used, to show their esteem of her, and that they were willing to do all the service they could for her; and what made them so attentive to her charge, and so desirous of knowing her beloved; since they concluded he must be some extraordinary person that one so fair and beautiful as she was (Ezek.16:14) should make the object of her love and choice: not as altogether ignorant of her beloved, for some knowledge they had, though but small; (are they just unsaved elect persons, professors but not possessors of faith in the church institute or new converts perhaps?) but as desirous of knowing more of him, and of hearing his excellencies set forth, and especially those which distinguished him from the beloveds of all others: with some, the world, its riches and grandeur, are their beloved; with others, the sinful lusts and pleasures of this life; with others, the praises and applause of men; and with others near and dear relations; and, with all, self: but with a true believer in Christ, he is preferable to them all; to riches, pleasures, honours; to all creatures, and creature enjoyments; and self, in every sense of it, is parted with for him; he is fairer, wiser, and richer, than all others (Ps. 45:2). And this question is repeated by the daughters,

what [is] thy beloved more than [another] beloved?
to show their surprise at the charge given them; the suspicion they had of peculiar excellencies in her beloved; and to declare their seriousness and earnestness to know more of Christ; and their importunity to have a speedy answer; and the rather for what follows:

that thou dost so charge us?
so awfully and solemnly, so seriously and strictly, with so much warmth and vehemence.



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