Song of Solomon 5:6


I opened to my beloved
Which was what he desired, by the exertion of his efficacious grace, working in her both to will and to do, without which it would not have been done;  the church thought Christ was still at the door, and (more so) by what she found on the handles of the lock; but lo her mistake,

but my beloved had withdrawn himself, [and] was gone:
a sad disappointment this! she expected to have seen him, and been received in his arms and embraced in his bosom; but instead of that, he was gone out of sight and hearing: this withdrawing was to chastise her; to try the truth and strength of her grace, to inflame her love the more, and sharpen her desires after his presence, to prize it more when she had it, and be careful not to lose it (Eph. 4:30): her using two words of the same import, “he turned himself”, and was gone, signifies that he was really gone, that he was gone suddenly, (how great) was her disappointment and sorrow;

Her sensible enjoyment of Jesus presence is gone (Jer.2:17,19).  My spirit faileth (Ps.143:7) and I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord (Ps 27:13)(Anon)

my soul failed when he spake;



she fell into a swoon, at the remembrance of his kind and tender language he used when he first called her to arise, “saying, open to me, my sister, my spouse” ( Song of Solomon 5:2 ) ; and when she called to mind how sadly she had slighted and neglected him, it cut her to the heart, and threw her into this fainting fit;

I sought him, but I could not find him;
in the public ordinances of his house; So also Job says, “O that I knew where I might find him!” (Job 23:3-9, 34:29 and 30:20). This is to try her faith like the Canaanite woman in Matt.15:22-23 (Anon)

I called him, but he gave me no answer;
called him by his name as she went along the streets and broad ways of the city, where she supposed he might be; praying aloud, and most earnestly and fervently, that he would return to her; but had no answer, at least not immediately, and thus be treated her in the same manner she had treated him; he had called to her and she disregarded him, and now she calls to him, and he takes no notice of her; but this was not in a way of vindictive wrath and punishment, as in ( Proverbs 1:24 Proverbs 1:28 ) ; but of chastisement and correction. All trials, like this one, are tailor-made to fit the case and grace is also adapted to enable the believer to persevere (Anon). You can be sure the awakened soul will seek her love.



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