Issues of uncleanness. New Testament light.

Mark 5:25-34.


The woman with the issue of blood twelve years spent all her savings but remained ill and unclean. She was probably wrongly ashamed of her condition hence her attempted secrecy in coming up behind Christ whom she had heard was a miraculous healer and she believed was the promised Messiah. Once healed instantly and completely, which characterised all of Christ’s and apostolic healing

(c.f. Charismatic and Pentecostal claims today), she came with fear and trembling because she had been exposed publicly, but also as a right response to the omnipotent and omniscient Lord whose garment she had but touched in faith. She was saved as we can see from her faith, Christ’s pronouncement of peace (v34-the fruit of justification) and his calling her daughter, a term of adoption into God’s family.

Mark 1:40-45. Leper healed and told to go and see priest as Levitical law prescribed


Mark 7:1-5. The Pharisees had added their traditional laws which included washing (baptism!) of furniture-nothing ceremonially unclean here.

Heb. 13:4. Normal marital sexual intercourse is clean, and always was!

Jude 4-8. Ungodly antinomian teachers who were sodomites are called filthy dreamers (unclean!)

Jude 23. Open unashamed sin is likened to ceremonial uncleanness (garment spotted by the flesh-Lev.15) which could affect others, even the witness speaking to the sinner (v22).


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