Song of Solomon 5:4

My beloved put in his hand by the hole

   “[of the door],…. To remove the bolt or bar which kept him from entering in (and which was reached by putting the hand through the access hole. Further bolts or bars would keep out any who were not aquainted-JK). By the “door” is meant the door of her heart, which was in a great measure shut against Christ, through the prevalence of corruption; and the “hole” in it shows that it was not entirely shut up,  this hand which is powerful efficacious grace, and the exertion of it on her; which is as necessary to awake a drowsy saint, and reclaim a backsliding professor, and to quicken to the exercise of grace, and performance of duty, as to the conversion of a sinner, and this is a proof of the greatness of Christ’s love to his church; that notwithstanding her rude carriage to him, he does not utterly forsake her,  (but with) his mighty power, (what) calls, knocks (Rev.3:20), good words, and melting language, could not do, his hand did at once ;” (Gill).

When we will not hear his voice he will lay his hand upon us. God’s hand is his power (Ex.15:6). It stands for his Spirit. He lets himself in.

and my bowels were moved for him;

the passions of her soul; her grief and sorrow for sin, in using him in so ill a manner; her shame for being guilty of such ingratitude; her fear lest he should utterly depart from her; her love, which had been chill and cold, now began to kindle and appear in flames; her heart, and the desires of it, were in motion towards him; and a hearty concern appeared that he should be used so unfriendly by her; that his company and communion with him should be slighted, who had so greatly loved her, and endured so much for her; other effects follow.


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