Song of Solomon 5:3


I have put off my coat
“In order to lie down on her bed at night, and take her ease ; and being at ease, and free from trouble, affliction, and persecution, was unwilling to arise and go with her beloved, lest she should meet with the same trials and sufferings as before, for the sake of him and his Gospel; (are you weary of him, having fallen asleep while he tarried? (Moody Stuart). What kind of excuse is this, that the beloved bride cannot put on her coat and shoes and open her door?-JK. This is the old man of sin acting! (Moody Stuart).

how shall I put it on?
which suggests an apprehension of difficulty in doing it, showing slothfulness and sluggishness, being loathe and not knowing how to bring herself to it;  as if she thought it was unreasonable in Christ to desire it of her, when it was but her reasonable service (considering all he has done for her-JK);

I have washed my feet;
as persons used to do when come off of a journey, and about to go to bed , being weary; as she was of spiritual exercises, and of the observance of ordinances and duties, and so betook herself to carnal ease, and from which being called argues,

how shall I defile them?
by rising out of bed, and treading on the floor, and going to the door to let her beloved in; as if hearkening to the voice of Christ, obeying his commands, and taking every proper step to enjoy communion with him, would be a defiling her; whereas it was the reverse of these that did it: from the whole it appears, that not only these excuses were idle and frivolous, but sinful; she slighted the means Christ made use of to awaken her, by calling and knocking; she sinned against light and knowledge, sleeping on, when she knew it was the voice of her beloved; she acted a disingenuous part in inviting Christ into his garden, and then presently fell asleep; and then endeavoured to shift the blame from herself, as if she was no ways culpable, but what was desired was either difficult, or unreasonable; she appears guilty of great ingratitude, and discovers the height of folly in preferring her present ease to the company of Christ.” (Gill)..this is a cooling of covenant love-JK. I Thess.5:6 states,” Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.”


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