Song of Solomon 5:1

 I am come into my garden, my sister, [my] spouse: I have gathered my myrrh with my spice:

Moody Stuart reminds us that Eve was Adam’s sister-spouse (they had the same DNA!). The bride is in a sense taken out of the second Adam namely Christ (we were in Christ before the foundation of the world) and then given back to him as his reward-JK. Unrestrained opening of the whole heart and love that knows no limits are behind these words of the bridegroom. (John 15: 9, 15).
” These may design, either the sufferings of Christ; which, though like myrrh, bitter to him, are like spice, of a sweet smelling savour, to God and to the saints; the fruits of which, in the salvation of his people, are delightful to himself, and which he is now reaping with pleasure: or the graces of his Spirit in his spouse (bitter tears of godly sorrow when convinced of sin by the piercing north wind) in which Christ delights; see (Song of Solomon 4:14 ) ;  Having gathered these in his lifetime he anoints us with the same as his guests-JK (Luke 7: 37-46).

I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey:
a piece of an honeycomb, full of honey, just taken out of the hive, had in great esteem with the Jews; see ( Luke 24:42 ) ; the word for “honeycomb” properly signifies wood honey, of which there was plenty in Judea, ( 1 Samuel 14:25 ) ; though this was in a garden, where they might have their hives, as we have” (Gill). “All the milk and honey of the word are ours because they were first his, given first to him (John 17:8). He assimilated them and conveys them to us (Prov. 24:13, Jer.15:16, Matt. 4:4). From the hour he hung on his mothers breast till the hour when he hung on the accursed tree, his soul lived upon the word of God. Then he gives us for our food his own body, the product of all the milk and all the honey of the word and will of God, and says “Except ye eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of Man ye have no life in you.” And so we have the sincere milk of the word and the word that is sweeter than the honeycomb. Take, eat, this is my body. It is the feast of espousal in seal of the future marriage. It is the pledge of abiding union and the King’s return to the marriage supper of the Lamb, his death shown till he come” (Moody Stuart).

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I have drunk my wine with my milk;
“a mixture of wine and milk was used by the ancients; by which also may be intended the doctrines of the Gospel, comparable to wine and milk; to the one, for its reviving and cheering quality; to the other, for its nourishing and strengthening nature; see ( Isaiah 55:1 ) ;  Here is a feast, a variety of sweet, savoury, wholesome food and drink; and all Christ’s own, but he invites his friends to eat and drink with him: Moody Stuart reminds us of the Passover which became the Lord’s Supper where Christ sits to eat with his friends. He longed for this. This was his meat and drink, the sweet fruit of his life of obedience. He drunk the cup of wrath, the cup of sin imputed, so as to grant us the cup of blessing, the cup of sin forgiven.

eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved;
“the individuals, of which the church consists, are the “friends” who are reconciled to God by the death of Christ, and to himself by his Spirit and grace; and whom he treats as such, by visiting them, and disclosing the secrets of his heart to them, ( John 15:14 John 15:15 ) ; and “beloved”, beloved of God, and by Christ and by the saints there is a mutual friendship and love between Christ and his people: and these he invites to eat of the provisions of his house, of all the fruits of his garden, to which they are welcome; and of his love and grace, and all the blessings of it, which exceed the choicest wine; and of which they may drink freely, and without danger; “yea, be inebriated with loves”, as the words may be rendered; see ( Ephesians 5:18 ) . With the eastern people, it was usual to bid their guests welcome, and solicit them to feed on the provisions before them;”(Gill)


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