Law of Issues (3)

Sung Psalm 19:9-14

Reading  Leviticus 15:25-33

The reason for all the separation and necessary sacrifices was that these issues defiled the person and the temple.


What is the significance of all this teaching on ceremonial uncleanness from male or female issues?

  1. Sin pollutes us making us unclean. II Cor.7:1—note we are active in seeking cleansing (I John 1:9, John 13:10).
  2. Sin affects others especially family and those we meet or invite home (Heb.12:15). Things may pollute us—what we see, hear, read, eat. Note Titus 1:15 teaches all things are pure and allowable to the N.T. believer (which were forbidden in Leviticus 15).
  3. Sexual sin especially pollutes (Psalm 51:2,7,10).
  4. Secret sins pollute (Psalm 19:12). Unwitting sins or presumptuous (planned) sins.
  5. The only ultimate cleansing is Christ’s blood (Heb. 9:13-15).

From the offerings necessary (two doves or pigeons) we see that actual cleansing (sanctification) consisted a) cleansing from guilt, and b) consecration and a new life of thankfulness.

Only the Christian religion deals with man’s real problem namely the heart (internal) and even if any false religionist came to recognise this he would not have the solution!


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