God never forgives sin he always punishes it!

 J.C. Ryle: “How incredible it is that we do not hate sin more than we do! Sin is the cause of all the pain and disease in the world. God did not create man to be an ailing and suffering creature. It was sin, and nothing but sin, which brought in all the ills that flesh is heir to. It was sin to which we owe every racking pain, and every loathsome infirmity, and every humbling weakness to which our poor bodies are liable. Let us keep this ever in mind. Let us hate sin with a godly hatred … Let us see in this glorious miracle a proof of what Jesus can do for dead souls. He can raise our children from the death of trespasses and sins, and make them walk before Him in newness of life. He can take our sons and daughters by the hand, and say to them, “arise,” and bid them live not to themselves, but to Him that died for them and rose again. Have we a dead soul in our family? Let us call on the Lord to come and quicken him. (Eph. 2:1.) Let us send to Him message after message, and entreat Him to help. He that came to the support of Jairus is still plenteous in mercy, and mighty in power” (Expository Notes on Mark, pp. 99).


We know sin by the LAW (Ten Commandments)

 Andrew Kuyvenhoven: “While most people cannot believe that God punishes sin and are inclined to believe that forgiveness is a matter of course, the Bible teaches that punishment is the natural consequence of transgression and that forgiveness is a miracle, a divine surprise” (Comfort and Joy: A Study of the Heidelberg Catechism, p. 96).

While you may think the title of this blog is erroneous I adjure you to ask yourself two simple questions: First will the sins of all the reprobate be punished? Answer-Yes, in hell eternally. Second, will the sins of all the elect be punished? Answer-Yes they have been on the cross of Christ.



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