Song of Solomon 4:4

Thy neck [is] like the tower of David, builded for an armoury,
“The neck of the bride is erect and stately like this lofty tower” (Moody Stuart).

“Likely the strong hold of Zion; or some tower erected by David for an armoury, wherein his worthies or mighty men bring up their shields; because it is ornamented with spoils hung up in it, as golden shields after mentioned, as the neck is with pearls, jewels, and chains of gold, ( Song of Solomon 1:10 );” Compare description of Tyre (Ezekiel 27:10,11). Moody Stuart reminds us that the yoke has been taken off our neck and our neck is erect in holy freedom, these trophies of victory adorn the church triumphant and the church militant, and are available for all future conflict.  “The word for “armoury” is from “alaph” , “to teach”;  it was as an arsenal, in which young learners of the art of war laid up their weapons, as well as what were taken from an enemy; or what were made and laid up here, as a store in time of need. By the church’s neck may be meant either the ministers of the word, set in the highest part of the body, the church, next to Christ the Head, and in subjection to him; to whom they hold, and whose name, cause, and interest, they bear up and support in the world; and are the means of conveying spiritual food from him to the souls of men; and are adorned with the gifts and graces of the Spirit: and may be compared to the “tower of David”, for their integrity and uprightness, and for their strength and immovableness, standing firm and unmoved against the batteries of Satan and the world, and for the defence of the Gospel; ”

whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men:

“No other armour is mentioned, as in this armoury, but shields; they being a principal part of armour, and are especially so called, as in the Septuagint version of ( 1 Kings 14:26 1 Kings 14:27 ) ; these shields are armour of mighty men (or trophies won); mighty, through God and his grace, to perform mighty actions, and do great exploits; being furnished from the spiritual armoury with the whole armour of God, to repel Satan’s temptations, to defend the Gospel, and refute error; particularly the ministers of the word are those mighty men; though it is applicable to all saints.” (Gill).  Jesus the strong man armed has come and defeated Satan, spoiled his armour and given it as an ornament to the bride.



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