Old Testament Law (Leprosy 2)


Sung:  Psalm 42:1-6

Read: II Chron. 26:16-21

II Kings 15:5

The first point about leprosy in the O.T. is that it meant exclusion and separation, specifically from the tabernacle or temple. To be “unclean” from leprosy meant exclusion from all ceremonial practices and from living among the people, a leper had to be outside the camp (Lev.13:46, Numb.5:1-4). Examples─ Miriam (Numb.12:14, Deut.24:8-9, Uzziah (readings), the four lepers (II Kings 7), and the ten (Luke 117:11).

But we have Naaman (II Kings 5) functioning in the Syrian army because he was a pagan and may not have had true leprosy. Gehazi in the same chapter was smitten (also II Kings 8:1-6) with what appears to be psoriasis.


Psoriasis—a non-contagious skin disease consisting white plaques.

The second point is contagion. What was passed between people was ceremonial uncleanness which is a picture of sin that separates a person from God and his neighbour. Sin is hereditary and so are some leprosies but usually they spread by close contact and droplets.



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