Father of premillennial dispensationalism.

BRF Special Lecture

John Nelson Darby (1880-1882) and Powerscourt-an expose of dispensationalism.

Rev. Angus Stewart

Sung Psalm 83:3-11

Reading Hosea 1:8-11, 2:19-23. Note these passages are interpreted in the NT as clearly prophetic of the gathering of the gentiles into God’s true Israel.


Dispensational theology, the theory that God has two peoples, Jew and Gentile and that he deals with his people differently over the ages, is very popular. It is based on a literalistic hermeneutic (interpretation) rather than allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture.

It teaches that Israel (the Jews) are heading towards earthly blessing while the church are for heavenly blessings.

Darby, reacting to the Church of Ireland’s establishment, allegiance to the crown and episcopal ordination founded the brethren assembly movement and an eschatology that sought to consolidate unfulfilled prophecy. Powerscourt, in Co. Wicklow, south of Dublin, the stately home of a sympathetic countess was the scene of three annual conferences to discuss this topic in 1831-1833.

untitled Powerscourt

Was the man a believer? Certainly he was deceived and dangerous in the light of II Tim.2:16-18 where Paul condemns another eschatological error.

Why is dispensational theology popular (Millions have bought books like “The left behind series” and “Late, great, planet earth”. My (JK) contention is that:

  • It suits people (to be raptured before the tribulation) so they do not suffer.
  • People choose a theology and church that suits them (if they are not sincerely seeking and teachable).
  • It appears to favour the Jews and this, they believe, is spiritually right and rewarded.


Premillenial dispensationalism is exposed as gross error in the other speeches of this conference (on this blogsite under BRF) and this book.

Christ’s Spiritual Kingdom


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