World Conquest of the Beast from the Sea

BRF Conference

3rd message

Prof. David Engelsma

Revelation 13, Daniel 7.untitled

He mentioned the privilege of being saints in the last and worst battle of he ages.

We must remain steadfast.

Daniel’s fourth beast and his kingdom are a worldwide political power and empire. The king and his kingdom constitute Antichrist. He speaks evil of God and rules by totalitarian law. He apes Christ’s divinity (number 666)by doing miracles. He is physically victorious over the church and utterly destroys it as an institution. His reign is limited (time, times and half a time). Just as Christ laid down his life and took it again so his body of people dies but is resurrected. Why is this decreed?

  • To manifest man’s utter and total depravity
  • To allow the wicked world to fill up its cup of iniquity
  • To manifest how repulsive the beastly kingdom is, ruling by force, whereas the kingdom of God rules by grace , love and truth.

The beast from the sea, the false prophet, head of the false church who also does miracles including making the image of the beast speak, will eventually feel the force of her master who used her as a whore, who then turns against her and destroys her at Armaggedon.


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