Rapture and Antichrist

BRF conference

2nd address

Rev. Andrew Lanning

Readings: Matthew 24:40, I Thess.4:13-18, I Cor,15:50-52


Premillenialism teaches a secret rapture, 7 years under Antichrist where at first he is good to the Jews then persecutes them. This is followed by Christ’s public second coming to set up an earthly kingdom, based in Jerusalem under Old Testament ceremonial law for 1000 years which after a growing rebellion leads to Christ’s victory at Armaggedon and the eternal state.

So the church is out of the way (conveniently), the Jews are God’s main emphasis (dispensationalism) and men are saved by choice (free-willism).

  • ERRORS: The people of God in all ages are ONE. There is one covenant, one covenant people (the church of all ages) and one way of salvation (by grace, through faith, in Christ). Belgic Confession Art.27
  • The Kingdom (now) is spiritual NOT physical.
  • Ceremonial law has been abolished for good.
  • Scripture teaches one, public, noisy coming of Christ with the resurrection of all men, final judgment and eternal state.



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