Christ the Covenant



The covenant of God, the glorious, personal, warm and loving embrace that encompasses all his people is established by Christ (I Cor.11:25). He is not only the messenger of it (Mal.3:1) but he is the substance of it (Isaiah 42:6). He makes it with his elect and their elect seed (Ps.89:3, Gen.17:7) as well as all creation (Gen.9:16). The beneficiaries all get the sign (circumcision in the Old and baptism in the New).His blood ratifies it (Heb.13:20) as he is its mediator (Heb.8:6). He keeps it for ever (Dan.9:4, Jer.33:20, Ezek.37:26), it is unbreakable (Ps.89:34, Ps.105:8-10). It is his marriage to the church (Eph.5:30-32). In it he gives himself, laying down his life for his bride, then he fills her with his Spirit and continues to enrich her by his grace till the great consummation when they are publicly united bodily on the last day.


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