Eating of Blood


Sung Psalm 16 (note v4 relating to pagan blood sacrifice)

Read   Leviticus 17:1-14

This topic is clearly related to the O.T. food laws because in this passage the commandment is given to Moses, to give to Aaron and through his sons to the people, which prohibits the eating of blood.

The issues then, were, that the people were not bringing their sacrifices to the tabernacle and some were sacrificing animals (with blood) to devils.

Today Judaism, Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy and Seventh Day Adventists would prohibit eating blood. Jehovah’s Witnesses have misinterpreted this law which relates to eating animal blood to prohibit intravenous blood transfusion of human blood.


To them we say what Christ said to the Pharisees who took issue with healing on the Sabbath (Mark 3:4), “Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days (or any day for that matter), or to do evil? To save life, or to kill?” Many adults and children have been killed by withholding life-saving transfusion!

Today it is a matter of 1) Conscience and 2) Scripture including Gen.9:4 and Acts 15:20 (to be referred to later) but blood would be included in the “all things that are lawful”, so black pudding is NOT prohibited to the believer. Furthermore although the judgment then for Jew or gentile proselyte was damnation because blood equals life and blood makes atonement (c.f. Hebrews 10:29) and so is potentially sacred and pointed to the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ, nowadays because the final once-for-all blood sacrifice of Christ has been made all these ceremonial laws are abrogated (Hebrews 9-10).


Black Pudding



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