Christianizing the World



” The world is not merely ‘broken.’ It is in bondage to the devil and depraved. This spiritual death is the righteous judgment of God upon a world that has rebelled against him. Movements and masses of optimistic people cannot simply ‘fix’ the world. The need of the world of the ungodly is deliverance from total depravity, from spiritual death. The need of the world of ungodly mankind is not a repair job. Its need is renewal, resurrection from spiritual death. The agent of this resurrection is the Spirit of the Risen Jesus Christ, who alone has, indeed is, the almighty power of the risen Jesus, applying the resurrection life of Jesus. Such deliverance begins with redemption—redemption by the atoning death of the Son of God in human flesh, obtaining the right with God for a world that is not simply in the condition of death but that is under the sentence of death.” (and that redemption is particular, hence only a fraction of humanity WILL be saved-JK)

In this book Englesma brilliantly exposes the folly of common grace, notably that good order in society and creativity are gifts of grace and the misguided goal that one of the church’s main functions is to transform society by linking with it to achieve the goal of giving all the world a “christian” veneer. Was this ever God’s plan?

The quote above is from newly published book by Prof. David J. Engelsma entitled “Christianizing the world- Reformed Calling or Ecclesiastical Suicide” published by RFPA and soon to be available from CPRC bookstall.

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