Real Treasure

As you will have noticed this blog is called Jules’ Jewels with the aim and prayer that valuable insights from the Bible will be shared to enrich others.

Recently at our church (CPRC) CPRC website  we heard about Christ, “in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col.2:3). Listen to sermon here

This verse is like the map that leads us to the real treasure of eternal life. Treasure would usually make us think of a buried pirates chest like this one!


Our Lord Jesus told a story in Matthew 13:44 in which a man found a treasure and sold all he had to buy the field where it was hidden. Christ plainly describes himself and his gospel in these terms. In himself, because he is the unique source of covenant love in God which is eternal, we have infinite riches that are everlasting and incomparable with any earthly riches.

Thus he is our treasure in heaven, our inheritance, and our selfless deeds, love of the brethren and building of the kingdom add to our heavenly reward of grace. We dig for him, the unique source of knowledge of God and wisdom in the Scriptures (Job.3:21, Prov.2:4).

But we too, Christ’s brethren and God’s children are HIS peculiar treasure (Ex.19:5, Ps.135:4) because we are the true Israel of God for whom he gave his precious blood and as a result he indwells us by his Spirit, who is the real treasure in a worthless clay jar (II Cor.4:17).

When Jesus returns at the end of earthly time it will be for his treasure-US. He comes to make up his jewels who will adorn his crown (Mal.3:17).


One final point; Moses the great Old Covenant mediator esteemed suffering for his New Covenant Messiah greater riches than all Egypt had to offer (Hebrews 11:25). May we more and more treasure true spiritual riches rather than anything on earth just as he did.


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