Samples From Seminary – The Millennium is Happening Right Now


Christ reigns NOW!

Yes Y2K has come and gone but we are already in the millennium that matters!

Young Calvinists

When I hear the term “millennium” in the context of theology, I immediately think of the doctrines of pre-and post-millennialism. By these two terms, we refer to the teaching that at the end of this age, Christ will establish an earthly kingdom that will last for 1000 years. This teaching is based on the reference to “1000 years” in Revelation 20. Premillennialism teaches that Christ will return before this 1000-year period of time in order to establish this earthly kingdom. Postmillennialism teaches that Christ will come after this 1000-year period. In contrast to these two views of the end times, the Protestant Reformed Churches, of which I am a member, teach amillennialism. This view rejects the idea of a literal 1000-year period of time during which Christ will reign over an earthly kingdom.

Like I said, this is what I typically think of when I hear the term millennium. Therefore…

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