Law of God in Hosea


Sung Psalm 119:9-16

Read Hosea 5

Remembering Hosea 8:12, what is included in the written law of God given to Israel by divine inspiration through the pen of Moses? We believe it is the whole Pentateuch (Genesis to Deuteronomy). Evidence pointing to Moses writing these books is plentiful e.g. Ex.17:14, 24:4, 34:27, Numb.33:2 and Deut.31:19. God wrote it and Moses wrote it! Christ also backs this up (John 5:46-47).

The great things of God’s law include so much: Creation, the flood, the history of the patriarchs, the Exodus, the wilderness wanderings, the giving of the law, feasts and the sacrificial and priestly system. This verse is sandwiched between verses describing many (unholy) altars and wrong sacrifices. Hosea also alludes to Deut.32:18 in v 14 where God is Israel’s Maker.

As we have seen, Hosea mentions many instances in the history of God’s people in the Pentateuch and exposes their disobedience to almost all of the ten commandments. Here are more references to the law especially ceremonies: 2:11, 5:6, 6:6 (Lev.1-7),9:4-5, 12:9. Chapter 2:17 fits with Deut.12:3, 4:4 with Deut.17:12, and 5:10 with Deut.19:14.

Hosea is replete with references to breaking God’s law by sin, transgression and treachery. We have the covenant blessings of agricultural prosperity and the multiplication of the people contrasted with the much more prevalent covenant curses of drought, military defeat, captivity and the slaughter of their children. Truly a remarkable book from a remarkable prophet whose renewed mind was full of the knowledge of the Scriptures he had, mainly the law of Moses.


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