God’s Law in Hosea

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Sung  Psalm 119:1-8

Read  Hosea 8

The last three topics are Covenant, Knowledge of God and now the Law of God.

These are intimately connected: As God’s people, who by grace are given the knowledge of God which is synonymous with being taken into his covenant, as loving children we seek to obey his law.

8:1-2 link covenant and law

4:6 links knowledge and law

We reviewed all Hosea’s references to the Pentateuch including the historical Adam, cities of the plain (Admah and Zeboim), Jacob, Moses, Egypt and the Exodus, and the wilderness, showing that he knew that vital part of Scripture written 800 years previously.

His book is replete with examples of the breaking of God’s law especially adultery (whoredom)

1st Commandment    13:4

2nd Commandment  8:4-6

3rd Commandment  4:2, 10:4

4th Commandment  2:11

5th Commandment  5:2 (origin of Israel was revolt against the house of David (Rehoboam) and included the murder of many kings (7:7).

6th Commandment  7:1

7th Commandment  (various)

8th Commandment  2:11

9th Commandment  2:11, 7:1.

All summarized in 8:12.

We as God’s people should be eternally grateful he has not only written his law on our hearts but also inscribed them in the Scriptures which are our rule of life in thankfulness for our salvation and the immutable standard of his holiness we are to share with the godless world.


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