Knowledge of God in Hosea III

Sung  Psalm 23

Read Hosea 13


Hosea saw over his many years of ministry the lack of knowledge of God in Israel. His family life reflected this need and the sin of the land because his wife Gomer neither knew nor loved her husband but went whoring from him (1:2). His children similarly reflecting their names, neither knew nor respected him.

The calling of God’s people is-KNOW ME!

The calling of marriage is to know your spouse (I Peter 3:7). The couple are to dwell together, know each other’s weaknesses and be intimate.

God knew the people of Israel (13:5)-he saved them as a nation, provided for them in the wilderness, guided, preserved and defended them and gave them his laws but they forgot him.

The result is coming judgment like a savage predator.

What was vital (5:15) was an acknowledging of sin (repentance).

Chapter 14 is encouraging.


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