The Fire of God.

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We tend to remember the key times when God wrought supernatural miracles in the sight of his people and his enemies, namely at the Exodus and the time of Elijah and Elisha but I was reminded this morning that he also sent fire down from heaven in the days of David (I Chronicles 21:26) and Solomon (II Chronicles 7:1) and both were at times of worship when he consumed the burnt offering. Our God is a consuming fire–consuming sin and the offerings for sin and ultimately all his enemies. He is fire in the midst of his people who are not consumed (burning bush, Pentecost). This same fire comes down from heaven today, just as miraculously, to regenerate people (Matthew 3:11) and purify them (I Peter 1:7), in answer to our prayers and also in judgements upon the earth (Rev.8:5).


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