Hosea and God’s Covenant

Hosea and God’s Covenant


Sung Psalm 103:2-8 (mercy)

Read Hosea 1

Israel made sinful covenants (Hosea 12:1) with neighbouring pagan states like Assyria and Egypt which were geopolitical treaties nothing like God’s covenant (I Kings 17).

They also made a deceitful covenant (Hosea 10:4) perhaps with idols or between them, God and the king, or again with other nations.

Use of covenant words in Hosea:

  1. Negation of the covenant and covenant blessing (innumerable seed): 1:9-10 where the Jews are rejected BUT the gentiles would come in to NT church (Gen.17:2, 32:12, John 11:52).
  2. No mercy shown (1:6-7) quoted in Romans 9:23-26 in context of election and reprobation. You cannot divorce covenant from election.
  3. Covenant pronouns (not comprehensive): (1:7, 4:12, 7:10) “their God” historically (they were in the sphere of the covenant), “thy God” (9:1,12:6,13:4,14:1), “his Lord” (12:14), “her God” (13:16), “my God –i.e. Hosea’s (9:8), “my people” (4:12, 6:11), “husband” (3:16). The covenant name of God throughout Scripture is JEHOVAH and he saves by the Lord JEHOVAH SALVATION namely Jesus Christ.

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