What is truth?


Are you looking for the truth about life and death and eternity? Look no further than the Bible.


How do I know the Bible is true and the word of God?

12 reasons.

  1. It precisely describes and explains life as I find it in the world.
  2. It is historically accurate as archaeology has shown.
  3. The evidence for a historical Christ and his resurrection is irrefutable.
  4. Millions of lives have been radically changed by it’s power—people given new hearts and made Christ-like.
  5. God answers my prayers daily.
  6. It repeatedly claims to be the word of God (II Timothy 3:16).
  7. It is authoritative, unified and has one subject throughout, namely Christ.
  8. It is replete with fulfilled prophecy.
  9. It has stood the test of time.
  10. Christ said the Scripture cannot be broken and it was authoritative in his life (Matthew 4).
  11. Christ often stated that the word of his Father was truth and eternal. He believed the accounts of creation, the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah and Jonah.
  12. Jesus’ and the apostles’ miracles attested their authenticity.

Come and hear it preached here every Lord’s Day (Sunday)

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



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