End of the Kingship in Hosea and Ultimate Salvation through the True King.


Sung Psalm 45:1-6 about the true King of Israel

Read Hosea 10

Review of Hosea 7:1-2      People guilty of stealing

3-7      Adultery and regicide among the princes

8-12    Unfaithful diplomacy

13-16     God’s punishment

And all their actions permeated by lies.

The Northern Kingdom’s doom is couched in different terms:

9:15   eviction from the land

8:4    being cut off

7:16  the slaying of many

1:4    the end of the kingdom/military defeat

8:10  pointlessness of paying tribute

Chapter 10   The people’s sin and their punishment is couched in agricultural terms.

The history of all this is read about in II Kings 17 especially vv7-23 where we have recorded the details of why God destroyed the Northern Kingdom who in modern parlance were the apostate church. vv24-41 gives us the origin of the Samaritans.

The book however is full of hope in the ultimate salvation of the true Israel among the Gentiles in the last days 1:10-11, 3:5 and 13:9-14 when David (Christ) their true King comes to reign over them in righteousness by his word and Spirit and as the Resurrection and the Life causes them to live with him forever in his eternal kingdom.


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