Hosea (Kingship cont.) The Sins of the Kings

Sung  Psalm 1

Read  Hosea 7


Samuel confronts Saul at Gilgal.

The Kings of Israel (Northern Kingdom) were guilty of changing God’s laws, injustice and compromised or idolatrous worship (5:10), as is happening especially in every “civilised” society today in the West. the people were guilty of pretended repentance (as on Mt. Carmel). The kings made ungodly alliances (8:9-10 cf. II Kings 15:9) and so committed political harlotry with the nations (Jer.2:24) instead of relying upon God. The kings were “revolters” against God e.g. Saul (I Samuel 15:23) at Gilgal. Then we have the baking imagery of Hosea 7:4-8 in which there is an oven, baker, mixing, kneeding, leavening etc. to make a cake but the leaders are all adulterers with procurers (v3), their lusts are heated, but the cake (king I think) is burnt–this is regicide after getting him drunk. The flames of political coups destroyed several kings. The half-baked cake is useless and signifies mixing with pagans.



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