Respectable Sins Lesson 9 Chapters 20-21(including review)

respectable sins


Scheduled Sat. Jan 30th (DV) 

Worldliness etc.

1.How would you define worldliness?


2. Why is it sinful and dangerous?


3. What major areas are the main ones of compromise? 


4. How would you define an idol (in today’s society)?


5. What is the antidote to worldliness? 


6. On what two great theological foundational truths does our progressive sanctification rest?


7. Review-can you remember the difference between ungodliness and unrighteousness. 


8. What forms does pride take?


What is the only fact we can boast about?


9. What are ways we can counteract selfishness in our lives?



10. What kind of judgment does scripture condemn and what kind does it commend?


11. What is unique in the Christian faith compared to other false religions and cults? (in terms of sanctification).





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