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Many times in the Old Testament we are given clear pictures of the wonder work of regeneration which God sovereignly accomplishes in all his blood-bought people B.C. and A.D! Ezekiel 36:24-33 is perhaps the most comprehensive where the prophet includes repentance (v31), the obedience of faith (v27),cleansing (vv25,33) and regeneration (vv26-27). And how are these blessings of spiritual baptism pictured? By immersion in deep water? No! By sprinkling of clean water (v25)! Just as Spirit baptism comes from above (John 3:3) and stands for the sprinkling of the blood of Christ (I Peter 1:2) so the correct mode of water baptism, signifying regeneration, for young and old, believer’s children (who are included in the covenant Gen.17:7) and professing adults is pouring or sprinkling!

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