Ezekiel 45

Ezekiel 45



This chapter concerns the allotment of the land for the sanctuary, the prince, the priests and the people. Although no measurement unit is mentioned it is assumed to be rods (about 12 feet each).God emphasizes justice in weights and measures. It is noteworthy that the prince is responsible for the offerings (v16-17). It is also noteworthy that the number and type of animal to be sacrificed differs from that in the Old Testament e.g. Passover, showing that these were typical.  The prince was to be supplied from the people and for the offerings so that as Fairbairn states, “ this was a symbol of the perfect harmony and mutual co-operation which should exist in such a holy community in regard to the public service and glory of God.” All these typify the order, justice and holiness of the real inheritance of God’s people, namely the new heavens and earth which will be duly apportioned and in the midst of which the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world stands as the perpetual, prevailing, propitiation for our sin.


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