Sung Psalm 145:10-16 (God’s good reign)

Read II Kings 15:8-31   Hosea 1:4-5

imagesJ4CJVGU9  untitled Vale of Jezreel

The Lord’s prophecy in II Kings 10:30 that Jehu’s dynasty would be to the fourth generation was about to be fulfilled in the death of Zechariah in 752 BC and so God avenged the blood of Jezreel that Jehu spilled (Hosea 1:4-5 written about 785 BC) in the murder of most of his descendants. Of the 19 kings and 9 dynasties in the Northern Kingdom ALL were wicked.

Click to enlargeflesterKings

Assyria came upon them to defeat them in stages, first by exacting tribute, then by taking several towns and finally by over-running the whole country and taking the people captive in the fall of Samaria in 722 BC. There is no question Israel was a “failed state”, it was the epitome of the apostate church, led by evil men who ruled over an unstable kingdom of whose kings 7 were murdered and one committed suicide.

After the defection of Israel from Judah in approx. 982 BC there were 260 years of the Northern Kingdom and 396 years of the Southern Kingdom (ending in 586 BC) during which time only one dynasty, that of David, ruled (as God promised and because Christ had to come from them).

As you might not expect because he was a prophet to Israel, Hosea dated his prophecy from the times of the kings of the Southern Kingdom (Hosea 1:1) but as you would expect because he lived to see such evil rulers and regicide in the north, his Messianic prophecy concerned Christ as KING (13:9-10), one who would unite both Jew and Gentile (1:11) and be the Son of David (3:5). Around about the same time Isaiah penned his wonderful words in chapter 9:6. Unlike the ungodly rulers of Israel, this eternal King Jesus would be perfectly righteous, wise, and a Good Shepherd leading all the flock in his Kingdom which would endure for ever, leading them in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake (Psalm 23:3).

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