Ezekiel 37

Ezekiel 37


This chapter contains probably the most famous of Ezekiel’s visions-that of the dry bones. It even inspired a song…

The purpose of the vision was to counteract the people’s despondency at the state of their nation. God would by his omnipotence bring the dead to life and raise up a mighty army. This of course did not happen literally but again in the NT age and even retrospectively back to the dawn of history, the almighty Christ has resurrected his elect from their spiritual deadness and because he IS life and the author if it will also raise their mortal bodies at the last day (see John 5:25-29). As Fairbairn put it, “ He is the ever-living God, and life must be the property of all that are his. ”Remember also Christ’s poignant words to the Pharisees, “  I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” (Matthew 22:32) Preaching, used by God from the time of Enoch till the last day, is the means by which the Almighty brings life to the dead.


The second half of the chapter is about the prophet taking two rods representing the divided kingdom and joining them together to form one people under one head even David. That this is to be interpreted literally is manifestly wrong. God would dwell with this united  kingdom under Christ for ever, fulfilled in the church and in the new heavens and earth (Rev.22:3).


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