Ezekiel 34

Ezekiel 34

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Fairbairn entitles this chapter, “The promise of the true shepherd, after the false shepherds have been punished and removed.” By shepherds it is clear he means the kings and leaders of the people. Kings of Israel had serious spiritual responsibility (see Deut. 17:18-19) because they presided over the Lord’s heritage. But sadly the very ones who ought to have arrested and used discipline in preventing moral decay were the ones who hastened it. When God mentions “my servant” David it means this ONE will not choose his own way but God’s. The blessings under the Good Shepherd (John 10:11) with fruitfulness, peace, joy and the flock pastured by God himself becomes true for all covenant believers and it’s ultimate fulfilment in the new heavens and earth. The seeking of the lost sheep (v16) could well have been what the Saviour was alluding to in Luke 19:10.This future leader was David’s true son already alluded to by Ezekiel in 17:22 and 21:27. It must be remembered that the OT prophets always couch the blessings of God’s covenant people in earthly terms-fruitfulness in the land etc., whereas in reality the blessings are spiritual and to a large extent await the new creation. Fairbairn ends his commentary on this chapter saying, “the new David in the prophecy before us was to be one to whom the heritage, not of Canaan, but of the whole earth belonged, so the flock which he presides over and blesses must be the saints of God, gathered from every region by his grace… and the full realization of the promise shall be found only when these saints with him possess the kingdom.”



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