Spiritual Gifts



This topic is always a cause of dispute among Christians, but this speech is clear on the Bible’s teaching.

Definition: ” A spiritual gift is an  ability or aptitude or power or position whether natural or supernatural, graciously given by the Holy Spirit to an individual believer, in order to edify the body of the church.”



  1. Natural e.g. teaching, organising, serving.

2. Position or office e.g. pastor/teacher.

3. Supernatural or miraculous… a. Revelatory e.g. apostle, prophecy, wisdom. b. Confirmatory e.g. healing, tongue-speaking. Key point is that these latter two sub-categories are no longer necessary now that the canon of Scripture is complete. They were sign gifts to confirm the authentic revelation of the apostles.




Based on this excellent message from Rev.M.McGeown of Limerick Reformed Fellowship

Spiritual Gifts


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